Business Planning

At the Business Law Center, our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in assisting business clients with various planning issues.  All businesses and business owners, whether just opening their doors or celebrating decades of service, need to carefully consider the structure of their organization, their business segments, and their business relationships.  With thorough consideration of various options and their legal and tax implications, the Business Law Center’s clients often resolve disputes quickly and avoid unnecessary and costly litigation.

Buying and Selling a Business

The Business Law Center also specializes in representing businesses in transition.  We have experience with multi-million dollar business acquisitions as well as succession planning for ownership transitions from one generation to the next.  With our expertise and resources, we are able to consider and review a wide range of options which allow our clients to choose an acquisition, succession or transition strategy which best suits their needs.  Carefully crafted contracts and insightful negotiation skills are hallmarks of the legal representation expected by our clients.  Please feel free to call or complete our INTAKE FORM.

Tax and Estate Planning

The Business Law Center has worked extensively in estate planning for business owners and has extensive experience in addressing varied and complex estate planning needs.  We encourage our clients to plan early to address business succession planning, limiting estate taxes, establishing a power of attorney to take charge of one’s legal affairs in the event of incapacity, and dealing with medical issues which can arise in the event of terminal illness or serious injury.  At the Business Law Center we recognize that each individual’s estate planning needs are different.  Through creative application of our estate planning expertise, we provide our clients with carefully crafted options and can explain the implications of proposed strategies.  The careful execution of these estate planning and integrated business succession strategies allows our clients to go forward with the assurance that they have done what is best for their families and/or business partners.

Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution.

The lawyers at BLC believe that our clients’ best interests are served by quickly and effectively resolving their legal disputes, whether by settlement, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Our clients’ interests are paramount to us, and we will pursue them by the most effective means possible. We operate on the principle that the trial process is a means to achieve our clients’ interests, not an end in itself.

To that end, going to court is not our objective. In every case we craft a dispute management strategy to resolve the issue quickly and by the most appropriate means. But when all-out litigation is called for, we immediately apply our extensive practical experience.

Other lawyers seeking sound, principled, trustworthy arbitrators to help resolve their own clients’ disputes, or to mediate disputes between conflicting parties, frequently invite us to act in those roles.